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Magnolia Diagnostics was founded in early 2016 with a mission to:


Redefine how patients are cared for

    By providing physicians with the diagnostics tools they need within a clinically relevant timeframe 

Advance the well-being of the entire healthcare system

    Through improved patient outcomes and antibiotic stewardship



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Magnolia Diagnostics was founded by a husband/wife team and healthcare outsiders, John and Kelly Bains. After several doctors’ visits over the years, they identified two problems in their own outpatient healthcare experience: 


1.) Bacterial and viral infections are difficult to diagnose and prognosis is often an educated guess, rather than a definitive diagnosis.

2.) Many infections that present similar symptoms often have different treatment protocols and result in follow-up appointments and treatment delays.


Tired of guesswork and being prescribed one-too-many z-packs, The Bains were determined to find a solution. They founded Magnolia Diagnostics to provide an answer for physicians and patients alike by offering rapid infection testing for some of the most common outpatient illnesses: respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. By offering a same-day turnaround time and access to the best PCR technology available, Magnolia Diagnostics enables physicians to diagnose with accuracy, prescribe with confidence and join in our efforts towards antibiotic stewardship. 

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