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Spend your time healing instead of googling your symptoms.

We test for the most common sicknesses, including:



Did you know that antiviral flu medication (Tamiflu) is only effective when taken within 48 hours of symptoms? Magnolia uses more accurate technology than what’s in your doctor's office so you can know whether or not taking Tamiflu will work for you.

Food poisoning

Regret having that burrito? We test for several different bacteria that can be caused by compromised food. Your doctor will know which treatment will be most effective by using our test results to figure out exactly what’s got you down.


Are you taking antacids daily? Frequent acid reflux could be an indication of a greater problem. Helicobacter Pylori is a bacteria that lives in your stomach and is one of the most prevalent and frequent causes of heartburn. Our simple breath test is an easy way to find out if something more serious is causing your heartburn.

Common cold

We have specific technology that will tell you whether a bacteria or a virus is making you sick. Did you know that the common cold is usually caused by viruses? An exact diagnosis will help your clinician decide whether or not an antibiotic is indicated so you can get healthier, faster.

Urinary Tract Infections

When the cranberry juice isn’t working and you’ve gone to your clinician for answers, you know you need help, fast. A specific diagnostic answer will help your physician prescribe the right antibiotic to do the trick so you can get better, sooner.

Chronic Diarrhea

We test for 22 (yes, you read that right, 22!) of the most common infections that cause diarrhea. If you’ve got diarrhea than we’ve got the test to give you answers so you can get the treatment you need asap.

Stomach Flu

Was it that thing I ate or do I have the stomach flu? “The stomach flu” actually isn’t the flu at all! Clinically referred to as “Norovirus”, the stomach flu is one of the most contagious infections out there. Get healthy and know when to stay away from loved ones as you recover.

Sexually transmitted infections

Nobody likes talking about sex and nobody likes waiting for results about their sexual health either. Magnolia offers comprehensive sexual health testing with a same-day turnaround time so you can spend less time worrying.


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Most insurances accepted

Magnolia is an in-network provider for most insurance plans and can work directly with you if any of our tests are not covered by your plan. Our tests are also available at $0 out-of-pocket for all Medicare and Tricare policyholders.

We don’t balance bill

If our charges to your insurance company are more than your plan allows, we won’t bill you for the difference. With healthcare out of pocket costs on the rise, we understand that enough is enough. Founded by patients, for patients, we help you keep your money in your pocket.

Affordable cash prices 

No insurance? No problem. Our goal is to provide testing to each person who needs it. Whether you need a payment plan with low instalments (available in $20/month increments) or qualify for a discount, our billing department is here to help.


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